Welcome to my website. I am M. Chaise Gilbert, a current PhD student in the Albertson Lab at UMass Amherst.

Broadly, I am interested in the many diverse morphologies that have arisen among vertebrates (primarily fishes) and seek to better understand the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that have helped shaped them. As a Master’s student, my research focused on investigating differences in cranial morphology among isolated populations of Pecos pupfish (Cyprinodon pecosensis), a threatened species found in New Mexico and Texas, using geometric morphometrics. As a member of the Albertson lab, I hope to expand into new systems, acquire new skill sets, and further my understanding of morphology and the evolutionary forces behind it.

I have developed a passion for techniques that allow for the visualization of skeletal structures, namely diaphonization (clearing and staining). Not only are these techniques powerful for collecting anatomical data and information, but also in beautifully presenting anatomy as an art form. For more information and to view photographs, please see the “Photography” tab in the main menu.

Additionally, feel free to follow me on twitter @MCGMorphInstagramResearch Gate, Facebook, and to visit MCGMorph on Etsy.