The Academic Year, Website Update and Print Promotion Reminder

As the academic year starts to get into full swing, it can be exciting to the see the many new students that are having their first experience on a college campus. It is equally exciting to see students that have I previously had which are beginning a new phase in their college career and doing so with more confidence in their abilities and a desire to learn more.

After two years of teaching Zoology labs at my previous institution (Western Kentucky University), it has been a change of pace for me to begin lecturing at my alma mater, Murray State University. I have to admit that I have already started to miss that specimen filled room where I spent much of my time teaching about the animal kingdom and leading dissections. I do not mean to insinuate that I do enjoy my new role. In fact, the opposite is true and I am greatly enjoying my new role here at MSU. Lecturing is not so much different than teaching a lab. Especially when you try to have the same atmosphere in a lecture room as you do a laboratory. In either setting, hearing students ask new questions when introduced to a new topic and being able to help them work out a solution or find the answer has always been a rewarding experience for me. One can hope that they also find this process rewarding and enlightening. Perhaps I am naïve, but I think that no matter the class or whether it is a lab or lecture, as long as you can get the students engaged, it will be an enjoyable  experience for everyone.

Not only have I been getting accustomed to my new role as a lecturer, but we (Michael Collyer and I) have also begun to work on preparing my thesis for publication! As someone who has been wanting to publish research for some time and contribute, this is a very exciting step for me. It is also equally exciting (almost) to begin analyzing  data for a new project (kind of new)! More updates will come as time progresses.

After a full week of being live, it is exciting to see that this site has received upwards of 1300 views from people across six countries! As far as photographs and prints go, I will be taking more this Friday. As soon as they are edited, I will have new material on the Biology as Art page that will be up for viewing and sale. If you like the site and want to keep up with new posts and content, remember to sign up for the emailing list (which can be found at the bottom of each page) and share! The promotion is still going and if you sign up, you will receive 25% off your first TOTAL purchase (this will only expire once you make your first purchase). Additionally, if the Biology as Art page can reach 100 shares by the end of August, all purchases will be 10% off during the month of September.


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