Update and Reminder

I recently worked quite hard to take some really amazing new photographs that are currently being edited and prepared for display! I am hoping that these will be up for you all to view and purchase by the middle of next week – but we will see what happens between now and then. What can you expect? Well, you will definitely be seeing some phenomenal images of the rattlesnake that you can see me working with in the image above. You all can also be expecting a FULL body of the Hippocampus sp. that is already listed on the Biology as Art page, a FULL body negative of an unidentified member of Opistognathidae (the jawfishes), and a FULL body of a smaller Psuedocris sp. I must give a shout out to Kenny Anderson, currently at Western Kentucky University, for helping me take photographs of the rattlesnake, it just did NOT want to pose for us!

As a reminder, this is the LAST DAY for the Biology as Art page to reach 100 shares! IF it can get 9 more shares by the end of today, all purchases during the month of September will be 10% off (this WILL STACK with the 25% discount you will get if you sign up and follow the site via email for a total of 35% off your first purchase)! My ability to clear and stain, take these kinds of high resolution photographs, and have them edited costs time and money – all of which have costs. By helping get the word out and purchasing a print (which I cover shipping and printing costs), you are directly investing (time, money, or both) in my ability to continue to do this kind of work.





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