Developmental Biology is Cool

After finally having some time to edit the numerous photographs I have taken, I am happy to present you all with two -just two – new photographs that highlight (literally) the beauty of organismal development. I am greatly pleased with how both of these turned out and I hope that some of you will find appreciation in these as, not only just a form of artistic expression, but in the amazing wonder that is nature. First, I present to you a negative photograph (with some customized setting) of a fetal Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana). The second photograph has more flare and I have chosen to title it “Alternate Realities”. This photograph uses a mirror image of the same individual (Mus musculus) to present and highlight different parts. The image on the left was edited to bring more attention to the structure of the animal – eliminating surrounding tissues and removing the color entirely. The image on the right was edited to create a synthesis of both tissue and the bone that provides the structural support for the animal.

As always, I love when you all provide constructive feedback, as well as share my work and give other people the chance to develop an appreciation for anatomy. Please take the time to share my work on social media platforms and, if you are not already, please sign up as an email follower (button at the very bottom).

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More photographs coming soon!




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