Shad, shad, shad….sauger

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As some of you may know, I travel to Western Kentucky University just about every other Friday to take photographs of the specimens that I am actively clearing and staining. This past Friday I was happy to be able to take numerous photographs of larval gar, shad, sauger, and a random catastomid that is unidentified (there cannot be that many suckers, right? – there are 78-). It was not until we arrived back at home before I realized that data corruption had occurred, on both local and backup copies, when I transferred files from the microscope camera to my computer – resulting in a loss of 3/4 of the work. Lessons have been learned…

Despite this, I managed to salvage a few photographs – and I became a little creative in the process and just had fun. So, while some of these new photographs are intended to illustrate the anatomy of these animals, there are two that are clearly just for fun. So, enjoy. I would like to thank Nathan Tillitson and the Flinn Aquatic Ecology Lab for providing me with larval specimens – I really enjoyed being able to diaphonize and photograph these! More larval fish photographs coming soon.

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