New prices, new print

The MCGMorph shop has just been overhauled. Prices have been reduced (mostly) in efforts to be standardized. Due to this, I am no longer able to eat printing and shipping costs – but those have been standardized as well! All prints shipped within the U.S. are 7 USD, while those shipped internationally are 9 USD.

Shipping takes roughly 1 and 1/2 weeks from the time of ordering. This is due to me sending a print request to Shutterfly and having the print first sent to my address. This is in order to inspect the print for any damage or blemishes that may have occurred during the printing or shipping process (yes, ink sometimes bleeds and it is occasionally overlooked by the Shutterfly staff). If and when the print meets my standards, I ship it to your address.

Additionally, I am happy to add a new print to the store – one that I am quite pleased with! A full body photograph of a larger eastern tiger salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum).

Ambystoma tigrinum (eastern tiger salamander).



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