Update and a new finalized photograph

Sorry for the lapse in activity! It has been quite the busy semester, but never fear! I have several new species that I have been working very hard to finish in prep for a photo shoot! Currently, I have nine new species to add to this (slowly) growing collection, with roughly 12 more that are still in the clearing and staining process. However, the next photoshoot is not scheduled until the week of March 20th, so keep your eyes open!!!

Additionally, I am happy to announce that a partnership is currently in the works that will allow me to add additional species to the site (and potentially the product line for prints!). If everything goes as plans, I will be receiving a few species that are already cleared and stained  that I can photograph for both advertising purposes (on their end) and for sale as quality prints on here and the MCGMorph Etsy shop (more on this soon!).

But for now, please enjoy a recently finished photograph of Trigonostigma heteromorpha, the harlequin rasbora (below). I am extremely pleased with how this photograph turned out and Kristen Gilbert deserves a good deal of credit for helping me out with the finishing touches. Additionally, please check out and share the word about our current promo! If you like my work with seahorses, I am currently selling both the head and full body photographs as 8 x 10 for the discounted price of $120 (40% off; you save $80). This promo will only last until the end of March, 2017. Check it out, here!

Trigonostigma heteromorpha (the harlequin rasbora)

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