Biology as Art

Below you will find links that contain galleries of all currently finalized photographs that are part of the growing collection (organized by taxa). My goal with this project is to bring awareness and appreciation to the complexities of vertebrate anatomy. While my primary interest is among fishes, I have a broad interest in examining the structures and morphologies of all vertebrate taxa. All specimens below were diaphonized and/or photographed by myself (unless stated otherwise) and have been digitally edited by either myself or Kristen Gilbert. Some photographs may have been taken using a custom filter, thus changing the way that bone, cartilage, or other structures and tissues are portrayed. If you are interested in purchasing any of these photographs or a diaphonized specimen (also coming soon), please contact me by filling out the form on the Contact tab above. All photographs purchased will be free of my watermark signature and will contain only a small signature in the corner. Additionally, all photographs will be printed on high quality paper with  standardized shipping (United States $7, international $9). Prices are as follow:

5 x 7: 40 USD (Finish: Matte or Pearl – High Gloss)

8 x 10: 100 USD (Finish: Matte or Pearl – High Gloss)

11 x 14: 120 USD (Finish: Matte or Pearl – High Gloss)

Bundle deals are available on Etsy

Payments can be accepted via PayPal (MCGMorph PayPal; many more options if you visit my Etsy account: MCGMorph Etsy) and prints will not be shipped until payment has been received. If there is a problem with your print, evidence of the imperfection is required before a replacement will be sent.

Make sure to check out recent blog posts for current discount events and promotions!

More content will be added as it is finalized and all work is copyright protected. The work below should not be utilized in any fashion without my prior permission. If you are interested in using any of these photographs for educational purposes, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Fishes





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