Ctenoid Scale from Pseudanthias squamipinnis

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Cheek Scale from <em>Pseudanthias squamipinnis</em>, a sea goldie. MC Gilbert, 2018.
Preview of a ctenoid scale taken from the cheek (just post-orbital) of Pseudanthias squamipinnis. Specimen was cleared and stained prior to scale removal.

Palatine teeth on the stripetail darter

I made a figure to help me distinguish the difference between vomerine teeth and other teeth on the roof of the mouth in darters. I hope this is helpful to others as well.

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Palatine Teeth
Preview of pterygoid and vomerine teeth in Etheostoma kennicotti, the stripetail darter. A: ventral, anterior view. Window draws attention to the location of teeth along the pterygoid process and vomer (on the roof of the mouth). B: view of palatine teeth, from ventral view. Teeth on left pterygoid process marked by the left arrow; vomerine teeth marked by the right arrow. Scales bar represents 500 µm. C: right lateral side, anterior. Window draws attention to location of palatine teeth. Scale bar represents 2 mm. D: palatine teeth at increased magnification. Teeth on left pterygoid process marked by the posterior arrow; vomerine teeth marked by the anterior arrow. Scale bar represents 500 µm.Big thanks to D Navon, D Jockel, B Richardson, RC Albertson, and S Huskey for comments and feedback. 

AR IV and V – Adding Amphibians!

Alternate Reality IV features Anchoa mitchelli, the bay (or common) anchovy, from the family Engraulidae. This specimen was stained by Stephanie Guidry, owner and curator of Sell The Dead Studios.

Alternate Reality IV
“Alternate Reality, IV” Anchoa mitchelli

Alternate Reality V features Pseudacris sp., a species of chorus frog, large enough to sit on your fingernail. I salvaged this specimen from an age old, forgotten collection over a year ago (i.e., soaking in 70% EtOH in an old glass apple sauce jar!). I’ve no idea who collected it or when and where it was collected. Always provide information if you are collected specimens! You never know where they will end up!

But, enough. Enjoy!

Alternate Reality V
“Alternate Reality V” Pseudacris sp.

AR III, Altered Prices, and New Page

I am happy to celebrate reduced pricing with a new piece (Alternate Reality, III; above), as well as a new page to formally organize and present a series that I will slowly be adding to – the Alternate Reality Series.

Alternate Reality, III
“Alternate Reality, III” Hippocampus kuda (mirror image to contrast different parts of the same specimen)


Check out the altered pricing below, as well as on Etsy.

5 x 7: 20 USD

8 x 10:40 USD

11 x 14: 80 USD

Finish: varies depending on print, matte available to all prints

Bundle deals are available on Etsy

Alternate Realities II

Alternate Realities II
“Alternate Realities II” Mus musculus (adult, mirror image to contrast different parts of the same specimen)


I have really been enjoying working with the various filters and post-processing effects in these photographs, especially with mammals. While I am in love with the colors produced through the process of clearing and staining, something about the black background and these inverse colors just seem to resonate with me. This particular image (adult – above) is similar to a previous image (fetal – below) that I created earlier this year. This took a little more time than I had anticipated and after struggling to produce a quality image of this specimen for some time, I ended up taking it this route in an attempt to be more artistic. Hope you like it!

-MC Gilbert

Alternate Realities I
“Alternate Realities I” Mus musculus (fetal, mirror image to contrast different parts of the same specimen)


First completed images in Massachusetts!

Hello everyone! We have just moved from Murray, Kentucky to Sunderland, Massachusetts! Therefore, please forgive any lack of updates and for the slooooow progress of uploading completed images.

However, I have two new images of two freshwater fishes I am pretty happy to add to the slowly growing project! Big thanks to Dr. Tim Spier at Murray State Unviersity for helping me acquire these!

The first is Aphredoderus sayanus, or the pirate perch.

<em>Aphredoderus sayanus</em>, the pirate perch
Aphredoderus sayanus, the pirate perch

And the second, Fundulus olivaceus, the blackspotted topminnow.

<em>Fundulus olivaceus</em>, the blackspotted topminnow
Fundulus olivaceus, the blackspotted topminnow